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Breast Reduction

Overly large breasts can often be the source of severe emotional and physical problems as well as chronic pain. If your quality of life has been disrupted due to the size of your breasts, Dr. Gibson can provide you with the relief you aim to achieve through a breast reduction procedure.


Find out how breast surgery can help your health: Click below or call Dr. Gibson's office at 305.858.1986 for a personalized consultation.

Am I a Candidate for Breast Reduction?


Women with exceptionally large breasts tend to encounter the following symptoms:


  • Back, neck, and/or shoulder pain

  • Headaches related to neck strain

  • Numbness related to breast skin stretching

  • Grooving from bra straps in the shoulder area

  • Bad  posture

  • Rashes, skin inflammation, and irritation under the breast

  • Difficulty breathing in advanced age

  • Impossibility of exercising or engaging in highly active sports

  • Difficulty testing for breast lumps


If you present any of the symptoms mentioned above, or simply would wish to enjoy life with smaller breast size, then you are an excellent breast reduction candidate.


Dr. Gibson is often asked about the ideal age to undergo breast reduction surgery and if women should wait until having family before opting for the procedure. The answer to this question depends on every patient. Considering that large breasts can cause both physical and emotional challenges on young women, the bearing of scars from surgery need to be weighed against the potential physical damage and emotional scars caused by not performing the surgery when making a decision.


Breast Reduction Procedure


Dr. Gibson performs breast reductions using general anesthesia. An incision is made around the areola and extends downward and along the Breast fold. Dr. Gibson then removes undesired skin, fatty tissue, and glandular breast tissue, while being extremely careful to preserve and maximize the blood supply of the delicate nipple and areola.


In specific cases, Dr. Gibson may use the SPAIR technique, which can reduce scar length.


Before proceeding with the closing of the incision, the nipple and areola are repositioned (not removed) to achieve a more youthful appearance. On rare circumstances, the nipple needs to be separated from the milk ducts before being repositioned. In these cases, it's highly possible that the patient may experience a loss of nipple/areolar sensation, and breastfeeding will be impossible in the future.


At the end of breast reduction surgery, Dr. Gibson applies a long-lasting numbing medication in the surgery area to minimize pain and discomfort after the surgery.


Recovery and Follow-Up Care


After this surgery, a waterproof dressing is placed over the suture but is critical to keep the dressing area dry during the first 7 days. It is also necessary to wear a supportive bra immediately after the surgery.


Drainage tubes are sometimes necessary to minimize fluid collection and infections. These drains are placed during the procedure and emptied several times a day. They are removed during your office visit the day after the surgery; the dressings are also changed at this time.


For this surgery Dr. Gibson uses absorbable sutures, so no removal is required. You can resume regular activity shortly after surgery, but you will need to avoid any heavy lifting and strong arm movements for at least two to three weeks. You will be able to return to work in 10-14 days approximately.


Exercise and other athletic activities can be resumed in approximately 3-4 weeks, but it will take several months to achieve complete healing and your breasts have settled into their new shape.


Exceptional Care


Dr. Gibson is very sensitive to the challenges caused by overly large breasts and takes great care to make sure that the procedure will address them. Always keeping technical excellence at the center of all his procedures, Dr. Gibson has the keen eye of an artist to provide you with an aesthetically beautiful result that enhances your unique physical characteristics and body contour.


Questions? Please call Dr. Gibson at 305.858.1986 or completing our online questionnaire to schedule your initial breast reduction consultation.

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