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Awarded to work under NIH Bethesda, MD, Grant (GM08258)
Via Committee Decision to study Wound Healing and Trauma Research for University of California San Francisco.  Thomas K. Hunt Wound Healing Research Laboratory to research Angiogenesis.  San Francisco, CA. July 1996 to June 1998. 


Awarded to work under National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, Center for Disease Control Grant.
Worked for M. Margaret Knudson researching Trauma Resuscitation methods in Swine Models and Tissue oxygen measurements in Trauma patients at San Francisco General Hospital.  San Francisco, CA.  July 1996 to June 1998. 


Awarded Funding by research review board from Sechrist clinical services, Inc. Anaheim, California. 
Hyperbaric research presentations.  December 1997 to June 1998.

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