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Breast Surgery Miami

Dr Gibson joined by his Mother Marilyn Gibson,  Student Volunteer Thomas Leonard, Wife Kirsty Barany-Gibson  (left to right)


As a world-recognized Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Dr. Gibson has been devoted to his community and helping those in need. His constant participation in medical missions is a testament to his commitment and care.


Every year during the month of September Dr. Gibson plays a crucial role in a medical mission, organized by the Catholic Knights of Malta to the Dominican Republic, to provide much needed surgical services to underserved communities. 


During these missions Dr. Gibson has experienced first hand the physical and emotional pain caused by genetic defects, accidents and aggressive attacks (burns and wounds), especially on vulnerable kids and women. These experiences have only strengthened his resolve to use his talents to change these people’s lives while giving them a fresh start.


Every year, he and his team go back and they get surprise visits from their previous patients, who sometimes travel for hours and days, just to thank them and show them how their work has changed their lives. 


Their stories remind us all, at Dr. Gibson’s team, why we are so passionate at what we do; pushing us all to become better at serving those who come to us for care or advice.


RxGenesys is Dr. Gibson’s latest initiative, a promising biotech company that might hold the key to scarless wound healing which in the future will support philanthropic causes that help burn victims of violence.

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