Dr. Gibson works at Mercy Hospital and Mercy Bayside Outpatient Surgical Center, both located on the Mercy campus on the edge of beautiful Biscayne Bay. The Hospital is 5 minutes from downtown Miami and 10 minutes from Miami International Airport.

Mercy Hospital has been named a recipient of the 2011 Heathgrades for Patient Safety Excellence Award. This prestigious distinction places Mercy Hospital among the top 5% of hospitals nationwide. Mercy has also received 6 years in a row the Healthcare Clinical Excellence Award. Additionally Mercy received in 2011 the prestigious Magnet Award for Nursing Excellence.

Mercy Hospital is located at 3663 South Miami Avenue, Miami, Fl 33133. www.mercymiami.org

Jeffrey Gibson M.D.

call: (305) 858-1986
email: office@jeffgibsonmd.com

3661 S Miami Ave
Miami, FL 33133

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