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Throughout the course of his career, plastic surgeon Jeff Gibson has played a key part in innovative wound healing studies, keeping his practice in the forefront of this complex area and making him one of the “go-to” surgeons for surgery cases in South Florida. 


Dr. Gibson's practice offers skilled reconstructive surgery for skin cancer removal, breast reconstruction, burn reconstruction and chronic wounds. He provides hand surgery for conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, Dupuytren's contracture, ganglion cyst, and trigger finger. His cosmetic surgery procedures include body sculpting, breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, and eyelid surgery, among many others.

Dr. Gibson

Plastic, Reconstructive & Hand Surgeon

With more than 20 years of experience in Cosmetic surgery, Reconstructive surgery, and Hand surgery, Jeff Gibson is committed to excellence and helping clients achieve the results that meet their expectations and desires. Dr. Jeffrey J. Gibson's practice strongly abides by the philosophy of a natural look and treating each one of his patients as a unique case, tailoring each approach to fully cover the scope of their specific needs and aspirations.

Dr. Gibson's practice also offers the highest quality spa services along with a wide range of cosmetic products and aesthetic surgical procedures, ranging from Botox to fillers, laser hair removal and more. 


Comprised of a dedicated team of professionals, Dr. Gibson's staff holds paramount the safety and peace of mind of each patient while diligently answering all questions and concerns. 


Dr. Gibson and his staff welcome patients from Coral Gables, Miami, Miami Beach, North Miami, South Miami and surrounding communities.

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