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Awarded the Order of Malta by World Wide Relief-Malteser Sovereign Military Order of Malta. Approved and Selected by the Vatican Rome Italy, awarded by a Knight of Malta Dr. JJ Centurion who was Knighted by the Pope for my efforts in providing Reconstructive Surgery to the poor Communities in the Dominican Republic for 6 consecutive years 

Medical Consultant for Biz-Tech radio show Ask Alice 95.5 Blink Radio

2017 – Present    

Medical Staff and Surgeon privileges at Coral Gables Hospital, Miami FL



Selected as Faculty Moderator of Expanding Surgical Frontiers for UC/AM Transplant Session, Amniox Medical Convention, Scottsdale Arizona     

2016 – Present    

Clinical Research and Product Representative        Amniox Umbilical Cord Tissue Company. Miami Florida


2015 – Present    

Educational Professor of Greater Miami Health Education & Training Center for Clerkships. Clinical Rotations for Medical Students. Miami FL, March 2015


Virginia Commonwealth University Humanities and Sciences, Alumni Spot Light Article, Dr. Gibson’s Contributions to Society since Graduation with Bachelors of Biology Degree in 1987, Richmond VA



Florida International University, College of Nursing and Health Sciences Recognition for Speaking, Miami Florida 


Advancement by Board of trustee’s of Senior Attendants  Status. 

Mercy Hospital

Miami, Florida

April 7th, 2008



Vice Chairman Department of Plastic, Reconstructive & Hand Surgery. 

Mercy Hospital 

Miami Florida 

March 18,2008



Clinical Research and Product Representative 

Versajet Hydrosurgery/Debridement System

Smith & Nephew Corp.

Miami Florida


2006 - Present

Contribution to the Mercy Hospital/Barry University 

Podiatric Medicine and Surgery Program.  

June 30, 2006


2004 - Present

Volunteer as In-House Physician during hurricane alerts



Selected to Teach Suture Class Temple University School of Medicine. Philadelphia, P.A. 

June 2002.



Host of Japanese Traveling Hand Fellowship with Mentor Steven M. Topper, M.D. 

Portland, Oregon

October 2000.



Oregon Health Science University Anatomy Teaching Assistant for Hand and Forearm Anatomy.              
Portland, Oregon

September 2000.



Passed Northern California Mock Oral Boards. 
San Joaquin General Hospital.  

Stockton, California             

February 5, 2000.



Selected by Archives of Surgery Editorial Board
as a reviewer of manuscript.  

December 1999.


1994 - 1999

Selected to present pre-grand rounds at University of California Davis – East Bay, School of Medicine, Department of  Surgery Surgical Conference 

1994, 1995, 1996, 1998, 1999.



Selected by Surgical resident Program Chairman, Claude H. Organ, M.D., to assist in teaching suture instruction course given at the American Academy of Pediatrics Annual Meeting given by Pediatric Surgeon, Marily W. Butler, M.D.  

San Francisco, California

October 21, 1998.



Awarded Third Place at the Greater Miami Chapter of the American College of Surgeons Fourth Surgical Research Forum.


1990 - 1993

Selected as Anatomy, Neuroscience and Histology Teaching Assistant, Anatomy Prosector, and to perform Special Dissection Projects.



Anatomy Golden Scalpel Award for Best Dissection.



Dean’s List.

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