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Arm Lift

An arm lift is done to remove loosened or hanging skin from the upper arm area, to create a tightened and more sculpted look. This procedure is considered to be extremely effective to remove the excess skin resulting from significant weight loss; this is why an arm lift is typically one of the procedures recommended to post-bariatric patients opting for surgery after weight loss to sculpt their new body.

Am I a good Candidate for an Arm Lift?


The ideal arm lift candidate is near their recommended body weight but wants additional tightening in the upper arm area. A typical candidate has recently lost a significant amount of weight, and as a consequence have excess fat and tissue that wants to get removed.


Before undergoing an arm lift, you should be in good general health. It's crucial to the success of this surgery that you stop smoking before surgery; this will ensure proper and timely healing.


As is the case of any surgical procedure, it's important to have realistic expectations, keep in mind that an arm lift is an excellent procedure to help you achieve a more sculpted appearance, but it is not an option to help you accomplish your weight loss goals.


Your Arm Lift Procedure


If you have a very small amount of fat to remove and good skin elasticity, Dr. Gibson may be able to do your arm lift using only liposuction; this is a much less invasive procedure and requires smaller incisions; this will minimize scarring and reduce your recovery time.


Patients with more extensive areas of fat underneath the arm and a considerable amount of excess skin, Dr. Gibson may recommend a more involved procedure, which requires a zigzag pattern incision on the inside of the arm, excess fat is then removed, and loose skin is tightened to produce a sculpted appearance.


Arm Lift Recovery

Immediately after your arm lift is normal to experience some tightness and swelling in your upper arm, this should recede after a few days. It is also normal to experience some pain after the surgery; to minimize discomfort Dr. Gibson applies a long-term numbing medication at the end of this surgery.


Dr. Gibson utilized a minimum manipulation technique to minimize scarring. To optimize your results, Dr. Gibson will require that you wear a compression garment. Because Dr. Gibson places the incisions in a discreet location, your scarring will tend to be minimal and barely visible.


A week after your procedure, you will be able to take a shower, and in one to two weeks you should be able to go back to work. Nonetheless, it is recommended to avoid vigorous activity for at least a month; additionally, you shouldn't perform any heavy lifting for a period of at least six weeks.


Within a week you should start seeing results; although it may take as long as six months to see your final results.


During your first consultation, Dr. Gibson will answer any questions you might have about arm lift surgery. Please call 305.858.1986or complete the form on this page to schedule a personalized appointment.

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