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Jeffrey Gibson M.D.

Plastic, Reconstructive & Hand Surgery

Offering medical and cosmetic treatments & surgery for  skin, face, hand and body conditions

Welcome to my Practice


At Dr. Gibson’s office, we offer time-tested medical and cosmetic procedures at treatments, enhanced with the latest and greatest science and techniques to provide the ideal solution to your medical or cosmetic needs


Dr. Gibson’s Reconstructive technique after breast cancer, life-altering surgery or traumatic injuries have made him the go-to doctor in this field


Cosmetic surgeries and procedures for renewed beauty and rejuvenation are our expertise


Carpal tunnel, trigger finger, ganglions, nerve or tendon injuries, and fractures should be treated to ensure proper function of your hands


Skin cancer, precancerous skin lesions, and moles are treatable and should be removed for safety









In your 20s & 30s


In your 20’s and 30s, you can enjoy a vibrant, glowing and youthful skin with a good beauty routine and professional-grade skin care.

Dr. Gibson and his team offer popular facial and rejuvenation procedures including dermabrasion, Botox, fillers and deep facials.

Common Procedures

Dr. Gibson’s practice is located in the professional building of the Mercy Hospital Campus, giving Dr. Gibson access to the hospital’s surgical center as well as to the Bayside Outpatient Center in th same location. The hospital, the professional building and the Bayside pavillion offer valet parking service as well as access to self parking for a reduced fee.



3661 S Miami Ave


Miami, FL 33133

Our Practice

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Medical & Cosmetic


Natural beauty for a happier you

Dr. Gibson offers cosmetic procedures including breast enhancements and lifts, facial surgeries like neck lifts and eyelid blepharoplasty and body enhancements like tummy tucks and liposuction.


Dr. Gibson is also one of the leading reconstructive in the country, specialized in breast reconstruction after mastectomy and facial reconstruction after trauma. Dr. Gibsoin is one of the few surgeons in the country able to perform a free fibular flap face and neck reconstruction.

At Dr. Gibson’s office, we offer cosmetic and reconstructive treatments and surgeries to address a full range of face and body conditions.


Within the first couple of minutes of my visit to Dr. Gibson's practice, I knew I wanted him to perform my procedure. He carefully explained every detail of it and dedicated a significant amount of time to answer all of my questions. The professionalism and attentiveness also transpired from his staff members; who kindly helped to make every step of the process very comfortable. I'd definitely recommend you to consider Dr. Gibson for your next plastic surgery need.


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