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Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss

If you have lost a significant amount of weight, either by bariatric surgery or a diet program and exercise, you have achieved a great goal, congratulations! You are on your way to drastically improve your health and changing your whole life. Hopefully, you have already started enjoying some of the benefits, such as engaging in a more active lifestyle.


If this is your case, you might also be experiencing some of the not so desirable side effects such as realizing that your skin doesn't “fit” your new, trimmer body.

After extensive weight loss, you will probably experience excessive sagging and loose skin areas like:


  • Abdomen

  • Thighs

  • Buttocks

  • Breasts

  • Upper arms

  • Face

  • Neck


Dr. Gibson can perform a series of surgeries to renew the shape, tone, and elasticity of your skin following extensive weight loss.  please call 305.858.1986 today to schedule a consultation to receive individualized treatment recommendations by speaking to Dr. Gibson


You are a candidate for surgery after significant weight loss if:


  • You are in good general health

  • Your weight is stable

  • It has been at least one years since your bariatric surgery

  • You have realistic expectations for the results of your surgery


It is important to understand that your weight loss has compromised your skin tone and elasticity; this implies that while plastic surgery can considerably improve sagging skin and stretch marks, it may not be able to completely eliminate these issues.


Post weight loss surgical procedures


Dr. Gibson can perform a variety of procedures to remove loose and sagging skin following weight loss. During your first consult Dr. Gibson will develop a personalized plan including one or more of the following procedures to address your unique body styles and aesthetic goals:



Massive weight loss usually leaves behind large amounts of excess skin in the abdominal region which can have severe consequences on your daily life, including:


  • Obstructing hygiene

  • Weight and stress on your back

  • Rashes, skin ulcers, and odor

  • The need for excessively large clothing to fit and hide the excess skin


Dr. Gibson can perform a panniculectomy (removal of the hanging tummy flap) to remove the "apron" of skin and remaining fat on the abdomen area after significant weight loss. This tissue typically hangs over the bikini line and may cover the pubic region. This surgery will relieve physical distress produced by skin irritations and ulcers, and it will enable you to move and exercise more easily.


Good candidates for this procedure should be in good general health and have a stable weight for at least a year. It is recommended for women to wait until they are finished having children to opt for this procedure.


Dr. Gibson performs this surgery under general anesthesia, and an overnight stay is usually required. This procedure typically takes between two to four hours. It is done by performing an incision across the abdominal area along the bikini fold to hide any possible scar; excess skin and fat are removed, while the remaining skin is pulled tight and sutured. Different than a tummy tuck, a panniculectomy just removes excess fat and skin; it will not tighten the abdominal muscles.


It's normal to experience swelling, bruising, soreness, and pain for several days after your surgery. At the end of the surgery, Dr. Gibson applies a long-term numbing medication to minimize post-surgical discomfort and pain.


You will be required to wear a protective garment to improve healing. After 2 weeks light activities can be resumed, but it's recommended that you wait at least six weeks before engaging in vigorous activity.


Belt Lipectomy


A belt lipectomy is an excellent option for patients who have achieved significant weight loss since it addresses multiple areas of the mid-section in one circumferential surgery.


Dr. Gibson performs the belt lipectomy under general anesthesia and takes three to five hours. This procedure is performed by making an incision around the complete lower waist – in a shape similar to a thong bikini line, including a slight V-shape directly above the buttock crease. All excess tissue and fat are removed from the abdomen, hips, and above the buttocks, then the remaining tissue is sutured tightly. After this surgery, you will need to spend one to two nights in the hospital


After this surgery, it is normal to experience pain, bruising, swelling, soreness, and numbness around the incision for several weeks; after your surgery, Dr. Gibson will apply a long-term numbing medication to minimize your post-surgical pain and discomfort. You will be able to resume light activities after three weeks. You will need to refrain from vigorous activities for at least six weeks.  Depending on the type of work you do, you may be able to return to work in as soon as two weeks.


Lower Body Lift


The lower body lift re-sculpts the abdomen, hips, thighs, and buttocks to give you a dramatic transformation in your mid and lower body. Dr. Gibson will personalize your lower body lift procedure to address your unique body type and aesthetic goals.


This procedure requires a circumferential incision around the lower waist similar to a bikini line incision, including a slight V-shape above the buttock crease.

Excess tissue and fat are removed from the abdomen, hips, and above the buttocks, while lifting and tightening sagging tissue resulting in a smoother appearance; Dr. Gibson then reconstructs and tights the abdominal muscles. Depending on the particular case liposuction on the outer thighs and other areas are performed for enhanced results.


The lower body lift surgery is a very lengthy procedure and can take up to five hours to complete. Dr. Gibson performs the procedure is performed under general anesthesia and an overnight stay of one or more days is usually required.


Full recovery usually takes a considerable amount of time and is normal to experience some discomfort. Dr. Gibson will encourage you to start walking right away, and you are expected to resume light activities and return to work in about three weeks. You should wait for at least six weeks to engage in vigorous activities.


Dr. Gibson will monitor your recovery during regular post-surgical check-ups while giving you advice on ideal exercise, diet, and activity routines to facilitate your recovery.


Dr. Gibson's Plastic Surgery Difference


Dr. Gibson has helped many people recover a natural looking and aesthetically pleasing body shape after their weight loss. In addition to breast reconstruction, Dr. Gibson has made plastic surgery after weight loss a prime focus of his practice and has developed an exceptional reputation for providing outstanding results that reflect a unique artistic sensibility.

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