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Body Implants

Slim but muscular and strong frames have become a sought after body frame. For both men and women, this athletic body type may appear impossible no matter the level of dedication to nutrition and personal fitness.


Body implants have become the tried and true method to create the appearance of defined musculature on the calves, chest, and buttocks. Current body implants have been designed to produce results that look like natural musculature.


To find out if an implant may be right for you, please click below or call Dr. Gibson at 305.858.1986.

Are you a good candidate for body implants?


Body implants can be used for aesthetic reasons or to address physical appearance issues related to certain genetic conditions, including:


  • Spina Bifida

  • Marfan's Syndrome

  • Pectus Canaritum

  • Pectus Recurvatum

  • Pectus Excavatum

  • Poland Syndrome


For aesthetic purposes:

Body implants are used to produce the appearance of toned muscles in the calves, pecs, and buttocks.


Pectoral Implants


Even with a regular weightlifting regimen, some men struggle to build pectoral mass. This is quite natural, in fact, some body types develop muscle definition in the chest area more easily than others. If you are discouraged by the lack of chest results you see from exercise, pectoral implants may be right for you.


Most common questions about the procedure:


After I recover from the surgery, will I be able to continue performing workouts that target the chest?

Yes, the implants do not interfere with any muscular activity.


Will they look natural?

Yes, today's pectoral implants are ultra-soft and made of ultra-flexible silicone, which not only gives you the full range of mobility but gives you the look of natural sculpted pectoral muscle.


Who normally gets pec implants?

Typically men who have been unable to achieve the pectoral mass they want despite of exercise and are looking for a long-term solution.


How can I improve my results?

In some cases, liposelection/liposuction and/or chest exercise is necessary to improve muscle definition as well as mass.


What is the procedure like?

An incision is performed in the armpit, along the edge of the muscle; then a pocket is created beneath the pectoral muscle; finally, the implant is placed through the incision into this pocket.


Is this procedure always combined with liposuction?

Not necessarily. Men with excess fat or who are looking for a more defined look usually are the best candidates. An in-person appointment is required to determine if you can benefit from lipo to enhance your results.


A variety of pectoral implant shapes, sizes, and styles are currently available, Dr. Gibson will help you select the ideal implant for you and plan a procedure that will accomplish your aesthetic goals.


Recovery from pectoral implant surgery 

You will be required to wear a compression garment for three weeks to aid in healing. You will be encouraged to be up and walking the day after surgery, but more vigorous arm movements will have to be delayed for at least two weeks. Full exercise routines can be slowly resumed after a month.


Calf Implants


These type of implants are a great way to achieve the muscular calves you may be unable to develop through exercise. For some people exercise simply is not enough to get the desired level of toning.


These devices are also ideal for men and women who have underdeveloped calf muscles as a result of a birth defect or injury.


Most common calf implant questions:


Will they look like naturally toned muscles?

Yes, Dr. Gibson only recommends calf implants if the outcome will look natural, so you can enjoy a toned and muscular leg appearance that fit your body type and proportions.


What's the procedure like?

To make the surgery almost invisible, Dr. Gibson makes an incision along the crease behind the knee; then creates a pocket for the implant in the tissue overlying the muscle and places the implant inside; finally, Dr. Gibson closes the incision.


Who is a good candidate?

To be a good candidate, you must have sufficient soft tissue in your lower leg to conceal and support the implant. Additionally, such tissue must have suitable elasticity to move with the implant.


During your first consult Dr. Gibson will determine if you are a good candidate; if so e will help you define the adequate size, shape, and type of calf implant to achieve an athletic, yet natural look.


What is the recovery like?

Typically people who want calf implants actively pursue physical fitness, but after calf implant surgery you will need some downtime. Exercises such as running and lower leg weight training must be suspended for at least 4-6 weeks. Walking, on the other hand, is necessary to promote good blood circulation and healing during the first week.


Buttock Implants


There are many ways to augment and shape the buttocks. Butt implants are just one way. Visit our buttock augmentation page to learn more about the various approaches.

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