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Reconstructive Surgery Miami




Loosing a breast to cancer or trauma can deeply affect a woman’s self image, hence as part of their healing process women wish to reconstruct their breast. 

By deeply understanding each patient’s case, needs and expectations Dr. Gibson is able to offer a reconstruction option to rebuild and restore the balance between the appearance of both breasts and nipples. 

We use the most advanced proven techniques utilizing dermal graft, for shaping of the infra mammary fold, allowing our reconstruction to restore the natural look and feel of your breast. Your breast will look so natural, that no one but you and your doctors will know it is not your original breast.


Performed for immediate and delayed burns of children and adults.


Tumor Removal of Skin Cancer and Reconstruction of the Natural Body shape and Facial Appearance

This surgery removes cancers of the skin and soft tissue with the complete excision of the cancer, proven by pathological evaluation and the added benefit of reconstruction of the defect with plastic surgery techniques, all in one surgical procedure.


Treatment and Excision  of Chronic wounds with Reconstruction

Dr. Gibson specializes in healing wounds that have gone unhealed for long periods of time. 

We utilize vacuum assisted therapy dressings, growth factor treatments & therapy, hyperbaric oxygen treatments and careful surgical correction, to heal all wounds we care for; this includes repair of open external wounds after a heart surgery (See recent Prevena article featuring Dr. Gibson), lower extremity wounds, pressure ulcers (bed sores), massive traumatic facial defects and long term non-healing foot and ankle diabetic ulcers.

Our reconstructive surgery patients come to us from Coral Gables, Miami, Miami Beach, North Miami, South Miami and  close-by communities.
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